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No, it doesn’t come with a 3 day weekend or any of the fancy fireworks so often employ for national hootenannies . . National Taco Day is as  ‘umble as the food it celebrates. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s some sorta lightweight. In many ways, this day resemble some of our favorite, food-filled holidays. As during Thanksgiving, it is our civic duty to stuff ourselves full of the richest of foods. Save the chicken tacos for Wednesday; this Tuesday we binge on barbacoa, feast on fajita, pillage al pastor.

Now, while the gift giving holidays are months away, we picked up a little something for you. An introduction to the finest taco blog north of the Trinity (throw out the cardinal directions- it’s a damn fine blog ). And it’s just in your size.

The Taco Trail was once found over at the Dallas Observer’s food blog, City of Ate. But ‘ol Jose has mosied on down the trail and has now setup camp in other territory. With Jose as your guide, you are guaranteed to be led down the taqueria-road less traveled for some true taco treasures. Today’s post is a great round up a few of the tortilla wrapped gifts being given out tomorrow in honor of the special holiday. Don’t let these gifts sit under the tree until December (a fresh taco will not do this). Go ahead and open up that Taco Trail link. And feel free to re-gift all you want. Just know that Taco Trail is one gift that will live up to that old cliche for years to come.  Happy Taco Day, friends!

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